I've represented Omega Builders in Bryan/College Station for over 10 years helping over 300 families build their new dream home!

Clay Lee is a Texas real estate broker with over 26 years experience selling residential, investment and commercial properties in the Bryan/College Station area.  He's been a consistent top producer because he bases 90% of his business on referrals from previous clients and friends.  Whether he's helping clients buy their first home, their tenth investment property, or selling their million dollar estate, he treats every client like they are a member of his family.  The care, love, wisdom, and honesty that he gives them is what has grown his business to where it is today, recognized as one of the top real estate brokers in the US.  Not only does he help clients buy and sell real estate, but Clay also gives his time to teach other real estate agents how to work with clients, negotiate deals, understand contracts, market properties, understand financing and more.  He really does live by the motto that you should always give more than you get.  Other agents in his office know that he is the "go-to" guy to figure out how to get a complicated deal figured out and closed.  He's probably one of the most creative people you will ever meet and it always thinking outside of the box in order to accomplish the goals of his clients and friends.

One of his mortgage lenders is noted as saying, "His brain must run at Mach 5. While the rest of us are just try to keep up, he's thinking of all the possibilities three steps ahead!"  Clay knows that real estate is one of the largest investments that most people will ever make.  He doesn't take the responsibility of helping them buy and sell it lightly. He is always looking out for what is best for the client and putting himself second.  Clay has found that treating people like this may not make him the most money on every single deal, but it does keep his clients wanting to bring him more and more business. 

Clay has always put others first.  He serves on the board of directors of his regional food bank and helps countless charities raise hundred's of thousands of dollars through his creative ideas, hard work, and passion.

Clay grew up in the small town of Stephenville, TX being the shy kid that didn't always have a ton of friends.  His parents, who have were married for almost 51 years, met in first grade.  Growing up he always wanted to be an architect.  From a very young age he would acquire thousands of Lego sets only to construct dream house creations in the middle of his parents living room floor. This passion still lives on today as Clay is constantly helping clients design their dream homes and speculative homes for builders to build.  While his parents both worked for state agencies in agriculture and education, they also built custom houses for clients and sold real estate on the side.  He and his older brother were also encouraged by their parents to be involved in 4-H throughout their growing up.  Unlike most, they never raised livestock outside of their parents small ranching operation.  Instead he and his brother learned to shoot trap, participate in public speaking contests, and explore leadership opportunities within the 4-H program.  Most people who meet him would never believe that he's one of the best trap shooters.  These activities helped pay for Clay to attend Texas A&M University in 1995 to pursue a degree in engineering. 

During his freshman year at Texas A&M he started working as an assistant to a top broker at Coldwell Banker who soon saw promise in him encouraging him to get his license and sell real estate as well.  In 1997 he transferred his license to work at Century 21 Beal where he has remained since. He consistently wins top awards for production and customer satisfaction.

In 2005 Clay Lee was chosen to be on the hit NBC show, "THE APPRENTICE" with Donald Trump.  One of 18 contestants, Clay's creativity and hard work made his team win consistently landing him a coveted spot in the final 6.  Every time that Clay was a project manager his team won.  He never held back.  Many would say he was a standout character from the fourth season that never took a back seat to others in the competition always bringing his thoughts and ideas to the front because he knew they would work.  When he was in charge, his team always won.  When it came to the end, many believe that had his team mates listened to his ideas they would have won the weeks competition that ultimately sent him packing for home.

In his spare time Clay loves to create.  He's the guy you call when you want to redo your wardrobe, your house, buy a new car, plan a vacation, get your hair done, cook a meal or plan just about anything.  He loves showing people how amazing life can be.  He loves taking a friend shopping for all new clothes or helping them pick out what to wear for important events.  He really loves finding deals on anything.  When his friends want to go on vacation, the always ask him to help them book their vacation because he's always going to know the best place to stay, where to find the best deals, where to eat, and what to do. When he's not creating something for himself or someone else, he loves to cook.  He really enjoys creating recipes out of what he finds in the pantry and gets the most joy out of cooking for friends and family.  He also loves to travel.  When he isn't booked for work, Clay is looking to book a trip somewhere.  He's the type of person that will decide at 4:00 to catch a 7:30 flight somewhere and spend the weekend.  He travels all over the country and has friends in almost every state.  He loves great hotels and shopping.  His personal clothing and shoe collection is a little overwhelming for most.  In some of the homes that he has designed for himself, the master suites have included shoe closets to house his over 100 pair collection!

At the end of the day, Clay is that guy that you get to know as a best friend, adviser, confidant, business partner, and sounding board.  Clay seems to know someone involved with just about every type of industry around.  He seems to have this quirky Rolodex in his head that he spins through when asked a question or given a problem that he pulls from when he doesn't have the solution already at the top of his head.  It's amazing how he works those connections in his mind thinking of how one thing might help the other that allows him to succeed not only in business but also with of the charitable work that he is involved in.

If you are look for a real estate broker that will go the extra mile to do what it takes to make your real estate dreams and needs a reality, Clay Lee is your guy.