Client Raves

“Clay went above and beyond to see to it that we saw any and every house we might be interested in!”  Eddie and Carmelita Gage, College Station, TX

“There were a number of difficult issues between the buyer and seller. Clay worked to make us all happy with fair and equitable solutions leading to a successful closing.”  Rick and Cyril Hosley, College Station, TX

“I bought my new house through Clay Last spring then listed Mom’s house with him this fall.  He was professional, attentive to details—did an excellent job.”  Anne Rudder Erdman, College Station, TX

“He has terrific personal customer service and because he is so sweet!” Coy and Robin Batson, College Station, TX

"Clay is the Best!"  MaLisa Hampton, Brenham, TX

Clay Lee is one of the most professional, knowledgeable, and accomodating young men I have ever worked with."  Greg Crawford, Strawn, TX

"Clay Lee is and amazing REALTOR and has become a trusted friend through our buying and selling experiences with him. His straightforward no nonsense approach is greatly valued. You really get the sense that Clay genuinely cares that you get exactly what you want and he fully commits himself to that realization. We are happy to recommend Clay to anyone who needs to buy or sell a home."  Ron and Sara Moretz, College Station, TX

"Clay Lee was great to work with through a difficult situation!"  Dewitt & Billie Baker, Bryan, TX

"Clay did an excellent job of zeroing in on our needs and was efficient in filling those needs."  George & Melissa Libal, College Station, TX

"Even though our transaction was small, Clay Lee treated us as $1 million customers."  Karlos Sachs, College Station, TX

"John & I can't thank you enough for helping us find and get (!) this fantastic house on Copper River.  We pinch ourselves every morning that we wake up in what feels like a resort.  Your adorable Small Paul gifts for Jack were like added icing on an already oversized cake! We have gained a true friend and we will always be grateful to you for your patience, support, and kindness.  We've encouraged numerous friends to utilize your vast talents, so I hope you'll be hearing from them soon."  - John, Debbie, & Jack Carlson, College Station, TX
"We would not have sold our house without Clay Lee. Literally, with any other agent, our house would still not be sold almost a year later. Clay was not the first agent we have used when trying to move. While others wait for the house to sell itself and rely on luck, Clay creates his and your own luck by manufacturing options and offering suggestions you likely would not consider on your own, and really working to make your house sell, not just putting it on MLS and waiting for a contract to arrive.
Case in point, our house in Pebble Creek would not sell unless we found a buyer for our buyer's house. Clay worked every angle imaginable, many of which we never would have dreamed of, and ultimately navigated us around this problem by working hard to get the previous owners of the house we wanted to buy in Woodcreek to purchase the home belonging to our potential buyers, triggering a chain reaction of buying and selling, getting everyone, multiples families, where they belong. This intricate and tricky transaction demonstrated an intimate knowledge of the local market, an ability to bring different people and ideas together, and an intrepid spirit. Clay is also a full service agent, not only selling ourhouse and helping us buy a new one, but taking the time to work with us on financing, inspections, repairs, furnishing, and even monitoring our move when we were out of the country. He had already been paid at that point, but decided to help anyway, again going above and beyond. He is professional, appropriately aggressive, and personally engaged with his clients, at least in our case. We cannot thank him enough for all he did for our family. He really made a difference in our lives. We give Clay our highest recommendation as an agent, but the best thing we can say about him is that we consider him a dear family friend. We would be happy to discuss our experience with Clay directly if you would like more information."  Ralph & Melissa Daigneault, College Station, TX


My experience with Clay Lee would lead me to recommend him to anyone who wants to buy or sell a house.  In the space of a few very short weeks, he represented me in the purchase of a new house and the sale of my current house.  He negotiated my purchase of the new house for less than its asking price, and he sold my current house in less than an hour for far more than I expected to get for it.  Both transactions went beautifully smoothly.  Clay offered insightful advice to me throughout the process, he was available at virtually any hour of the clock, and he was supported by a skillful staff at his Century 21 office. 

Among the attributes that lead me to recommend Clay:

HE LISTENS TO CUSTOMERS’ DESIRES:  I had several strong desires in an ideal home.  Individually, the desires were not difficult to find.  Finding them in a single house, however, was challenging.  I had been looking for this ideal house, with no particular urgency, for a couple of years.  I toured several homes and met their respective agents on a weekend in May 2010.  I gave each of the agents my desires.  Several of the agents called over the subsequent weeks with houses that either partially matched my desires or that completely missed the boat.  I didn’t hear from Clay until January of 2011, when he sent me a short email that he thought he had found the ideal house for me.  He showed me that house, it met all the desires I had given him (and one desire - central location - that I had not), and I bought it a few weeks later.  

HE KNOWS THE MARKET:  Because I had been looking for a house for a couple of years, I thought I knew the market in College Station, and I was fairly certain I knew the neighborhood where my ideal house would be found. Clay showed me a house in a neighborhood I was barely aware of, and, as describe above, it was my ideal house.  His knowledge of the market allowed me to purchase a far better house than I would have bought using my own limited knowledge of the market. 

HE HAS A WIDE RANGE OF PROFESSIONAL CONTACTS:  Clay’s professional contacts made the purchase/sales process go incredibly smoothly.  It was through one of his contacts at a competing agency that he was able to sell my current house in less than an hour for far more than I expected to get for it.  He also gave me information on local mortgage brokers and home renovation contractors.  Even though I already had brokers and contractors I was happy with and intended to use, Clay’s contacts turned out to offer better value.  I went with them and was quite satisfied with the results.

HE WATCHES CUSTOMERS’ PENNIES:  So long as the overall deal seems favorable, I tend not to care about the financial minutiae of a transaction.  Clay, much to my benefit, seemed driven to save every penny and to make every deal he could, at every point in the process.  He pursued savings that I probably wouldn’t have taken the time to bother with.  The cumulative result of all of his little savings was a big savings for me at the end of purchase and sales transactions.

HE IS ACCESSIBLE:  Clay was accessible to me at virtually every hour of the clock.  If I called, texted, or emailed him, I could expect a reply immediately.  Even when he was on vacation, his response to my inquiries was prompt.

HE PAYS ATTENTION TO DETAIL:  Over the course of our many conversations, I gave Clay my broad desires on a wide variety of issues, but I also threw in a raft of details.  Because he is busy, and because I can be overly meticulous about certain things, I made it a point to later follow up on some of the details, lest he lose them in the bigger picture.  In every case, I discovered he had the details covered - even the ones I had only mentioned in passing.

HE EXPLAINS THINGS CLEARLY:  Clay has a thorough understanding of the real estate process. He explained every step to me in a clear and concise way.  I never felt less than fully informed.

In sum, of the six major real estate transactions in my life - three home purchases, three home sales - this purchase and sale was by far the biggest and by far the best.  I give virtually all the credit for this to Clay, and I have no qualms about recommending him to anyone who wants to buy or sell real estate.

- Phillip Smith, College Station, TX


"I just wanted to say thanks for the GREAT job you did selling our home. You and your team made the process easy and painless. Your honesty and professionalism was greatly appreciated! Thanks Again!"

-Dr. Taylor Cotton, College Station, TX